Police Unity TourChapter IX
2013 Photos

These photos go from the last day to the first ...so the order is in reverse unfortunately! Enjoy!

134 photo(s) Updated on: 14 Jul 2013
  • Just a few more pedal strokes for the ones we love and miss
  • Day two on the back roads in Cecil County MD
  • Hi Sonny!! Great job. Day two, Middletown DE
  • " hey, if I can ride with this boot, then you better believe you need to keep pedaling!" Way to go Shanda
  • Day two, West Chester University and Jose Davila..thank you!!!
  • Day 1...Delaware County Memorial at Rose Tree park. Thanks target!!!
  • Day 2 coming out of Delaware City, De
  • Chris...our driving instructor/lead vehicle driver
  • Cute Dan, real cute!!
  • Hotel support, Day 1
  • Aaron!
  • Day 1 start! Lining up to leave the Renaissance Hotel in Philly.
  • Day 4...what a view!
  • Day 4 riding through Montgomery County
  • Shirley Disney and Robert Cherry...Baltimore City PD
  • Some of the ladies
  • Our mechanics are the BEST. Becky making some adjustments
  • Montgomery County PD. Honoring their fallen and greeting the survivors
  • The Ayala crew....daddy is so proud and smiling down on you from heaven!!!!!
  • Looking good!!!
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