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2013 Photos

These photos go from the last day to the first ...so the order is in reverse unfortunately! Enjoy!

134 photo(s) Updated on: 14 Jul 2013
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  • Beautiful Day four morning, great two by two!!!
  • Our motors plus Montgomery County Police Department Motors
  • Great job Steve and Mary on setting the pace and leading the pack!
  • Our awesome support getting photos as the riders take off on day 4
  • Thanks to our volunteer Ambulance personnel, you are AWESOME. Squirrel in foreground yapping
  • Michelle, you are a terrific Break Support leader
  • Getting ready to take off from hotel on day 4
  • "My bike is faster and prettier than your bike, just sayin"
  • Our pace setters, Steve Dunn and Mary Levy
  • 2013 Chapter IX Members
  • Happy couple!!!
  • Yes, we know you LOVE your shoes Ted!!
  • Lunch at Delaney Valley
  • Shanda Berry
  • Steve and Kyle Corry at Dulaney Valley Memorial
  • Chief McMahon standing by the beautiful Howard County PD's bus....wow
  • Hey, it may not be as pretty, but gets the job done!!! Thanks Harford County!
  • Kathy with our Florida peeps. These guys kicked butt on our east coast hills...way to train hard!
  • Nice van!
  • Chapter IX's mechanical trailer
  • "You see, I polish it every day and it stays very shiny"!
  • Thanks!!!!
  • Beginning of Day threeRide, route 40 hills in Maryland, GOOD MORNING!!
  • End of Day two, coming into Aberdeen MD...
  • Watch the expansion joints Tom!
  • Not bad two by two for the end of the day!
  • Maryland State Police Officers At Maryland North East Police Barracks
  • MSP North East Barracks
  • Our break support crew,...you guys and gals ROCK!
  • Aw
  • Don't be shy Chris
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